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After 30 years as a manager in large corporations, I felt like the proverbial hamster on the wheel…more of the ‘same old same old’, year after year, decade after decade.

I reached that point in life where I started to consider my legacy. How would I want to be remembered and for what?

I believed that there must be something more to life than what I had currently experienced and achieved. My current tally made me feel artificial, superficial and empty. This motivated me to start on a journey of self-discovery to try and understand who I was, what was important to me in my life and what it would take for me to feel happy, leading a life of meaning and purpose.

I understood that it made sense to leverage all the experience I had acquired working in so many countries with people of varied cultures, attitudes, opinions and beliefs. I felt I had a calling to the helping profession and after considering many options, embarked on a coaching course to test the waters. I was instantly amazed as to the avenues it opened up to me as I finally began to understand what lay inside me. Throughout the coaching course, the pathway to my ‘inner why’ was starting to appear out of the fog.

This coaching course led to full-time employment in the coaching profession within which I have been practising since 2009. I have worked with many multinational corporations and individuals, a full list which can be found in my jalra 50 in hindi Kruisfontein references section.

I am based in Greystones on the East coast of Ireland; a beautiful seaside town, 40 minutes from the capital, Dublin. This town feeds my soul by providing all of the elements that are so important to me. It is a peaceful environment with many opportunities to walk and run in fresh air basking in the wonders that nature has to offer.

I am a passionate believer in carving out the basic building blocks for leading a centred life and making decisions using all of our cerebral capacities; where we https://domainedelafeedulys.com/70092-homme-célibataire-facebook-59722/ move from dilemma decision-making to reflective decision-making, using the full pallet of available options open to us; something that is only possible when one is in an rencontrer in futur Borisoglebsk optimum state of ‘being’.You can sweep a foundation building block underneath the carpet but every time you walk across your carpet, you either have to avoid it or it will trip you up. This is why creating the right initial foundation takes hard work and introspection; a place where you might have to confront challenging aspects of your life before arriving at your most productive and peaceful place.

For me,finding a ‘mindful flow’ comes through ensuring that at all times,I have https://africaimmo.fr/11455-trans-rencontre-sex-16429/ access to all of my intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual capacities; for illustration, my physical capacities are opened up through running. I have run 103 marathons and I am very passionate about the relationship between running and being in full cognitive (intellectual), emotional, physical and spiritual health. You can  read more about this on my regular blog spots.

As I move forward, my criteria for success and definition for happiness  will be self- measured by how much I can help others achieve their aspirations and be a catalyst for turning their visions in to reality.

In honouring my success criteria, I have added ‘coaching for coaches’ into my service portfolio. I supervise and support coaches at all levels of experience to give them the opportunity to reflect on their own coaching cases and to work with them on methods, strategies and frameworks to ensure that the work they are doing with their own coachees is as effective as it can possibly be. I also work with my clients on the marketing and development plans for their own practices so that their business is underpinned and supported by a robust business strategy. I have a ‘Supervision for Coaches’ accreditation from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and I am accredited at Senior Practitioner level.

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