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rencontre coquin gay I was very fortunate to get a good start in life. I went to the best schools, had natural ‘presence’ and highly refined inter-personal skills.

click to find out more As I went through my twenties, my life just kept getting better and better.I career-hopped across the globe, every assignment producing better remuneration. The world truly seemed my oyster. My philosophy back in those days was ‘go with the flow’. Don’t look too hard at what you are doing and why you are doing what you are doing, just let the force be with you.

view publisher site I was a great believer in doing everything for myself, that reaching out to others was somehow weak.

matchmaking websites pakistan This philosophy served me well until I was in my early thirties when I suddenly and unexpectedly slammed in to a enormous wall. I was living in Hong Kong and was doing very well in the international publishing field. A rival company approached me, flattered me and offered me a job working for them. I was so overcome by the offer that I accepted it without truly weighing up all the issues behind the move. A cycle of going backwards and forwards ensued before I finally declined the offer and stayed with my current company. This set off a chain reaction of decision remorse and shame about letting people down and compromising my own values, principles and beliefs.

see page The ultimate outcome was many years of unhappiness and regret where I spent my whole time ruminating over how I had let myself down, my employers down, my colleagues down and my family down when in fact the only mistake I ever really made was not reaching out to share my feelings with others and catalogue working though the issues with wise, independent and non-judgemental people . Their assistance would have helped to surface all of the issues, prioritize the ones that were important and help me construct some SMART goals. Furthermore they could have supported me as I matched actions to goals and saw these through to implementation and fruition.

I have an absolute 100% belief that my  decisions would have been so much richer and I would have been at peace with the outcomes if I had employed the services of a coach at that time.

I witnessed many other examples like this over the next twenty years when I remained in a cycle of poor decision-making followed by regret, until I reached the point of finally turning a corner. I began to reach out to others and joined the profession that I had such a great need for at critical moments in my past.

Now here is the upside of this story…It developed in me a passion to help individuals at these crossroads moments in their lives. I knew how it felt to be very alone and experience the fear and anxiety that comes from being the ultimate arbiter of a decision. I had finally found my life’s purpose.

In the early days of my coaching practice, a person came to me at one of these crossroads moments in their lives. They had been offered a promotion to a Board Level position in their organization. They had offered my coachee the position but not the appropriate corresponding remuneration package. I asked many questions around this to really consider what it would mean, what signals it would send to the person themselves, their peers and the organization as a whole. We had several coaching sessions just around this one area so that I could act as an unbiased sounding board and a constant support as the coachee worked on what (up until that moment) had been the biggest decision of their professional life. Part of my role as the coach was to make the coachee aware of how important the decision was and how worthwhile it would be to invest time in something that was going to have such a major and long-lasting impact on their life.

The coachee  ultimately decided that they would not accept the job without receiving all of the full benefits entitlement of the position. The pressure became intense as the deadline for accepting the position loomed. The global CEO of the company was coming to the office the following week and the local company wanted the official announcement to be made prior to the CEO’s arrival. We continued to talk daily.I served as a mestinon cost regular sounding board to check-in with and help clarify again the decisions made and why. The coachee hung on. Twenty four hours before the arrival of the CEO, the company agreed to the whole requested compensation package.

Reflect for a moment, if you will, on the impact of this outcome. The coachee would be correctly remunerated all the way through their career with the company and had taught themselves how to negotiate in a way that host preserved their self-esteem and ensured that their worth was always maximised.The actual immediate difference in remuneration was worth thousands of dollars a year but the real worth to the coachee was in the misoprostol uk head site de rencontres bouches du rhone education of understanding how to self-manage and grow without compromise, using their own tools inside themselves for future success and prosperity.

I hope this one example gives you an illustration of how coaching can help one master some of life’s challenges. It has been an amazing journey for me. This story and countless others that I reflect on from my other coachees’ worlds’, gives me the energy to keep coaching and playing my part in contributing to people’s success and happiness.


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